With A Pencil

January 1, 2021

As I receive new ideas that become new designs that become new compositions, my favorite instrument of choice for first seeing them come to life on paper, is a newly sharpened pencil. Even as a very young child, I loved receiving brand new pencils. And to this day, sharpening each and every pencil that I own is extremely therapeutic for me. I prefer using the old turn-handle school sharpeners.

I also enjoy using on a regular basis my ink pens, crayons, chalksticks, paintbrushes, etc., yet it is just a very different matter and experience all together when there’s a pencil in my hand. The possibilities of what can be accomplished with a pencil for me are endless and amazing. I can draw, sketch, doodle, and/or write for hours. And I am very excited for what comes next in this brand new year of now.

I’m deeply thankful for Life, family, friends, my gift of art, and yes, a newly sharpened pencil.